Full Name
Joan Glickman
Job Title
Program Manager, Advanced Building Construction Initiative & Residential Buildings Integration
​U.S. Department of Energy​
Speaker Bio
Joan Glickman has served as the program manager for the Residential Buildings Integration program since February 2018. In that capacity, she manages the Building Technologies Office’s research, development, and public/private partnerships on single-family and multifamily buildings. She also leads the Office’s Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Initiative -- a crosscutting effort that seeks to dramatically scale up deep energy retrofits and low carbon new construction. Through partnerships with research and market leaders, the ABC Initiative seeks to develop energy-efficiency and low-carbon building solutions that enable superior building energy performance in both existing and new buildings, can be deployed quickly with minimal onsite construction time, are affordable and appealing to the market, and leverage related efforts to increase the productivity of the construction industry. Since joining the Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy more than 20 years ago, Joan has led a variety of different programs including developing the Home Energy Score, running a test program for biofuels, and serving as deputy director of the Federal Energy Management Program
Joan Glickman